Thursday, March 8, 2012

Smart Grid Cyber Security

The lure of the Smart Grid appears irresistible. If Smart Grids can realize their full potential then consumers, utilities, nations, and even the earth itself will benefit. Unfortunately, as with nearly any new technology, the focus has been on getting Smart Grids up and running, often with little consideration for Cyber Security. Even worse, many “experts” appear to believe that IT networks and Industrial Control Systems have the same Cyber Security issues and can be secured with the same countermeasures.

Smart Grid discussions are dominated by Smart Metering, but there is far more to it than that. Intelligent transmission, automated distribution, and creative use of substations can improve utility efficiency as well. This report identifies a number of key issues that require attention if Smart Grids are to become and remain secure. One central issue is that many Industrial Control Systems have seemed secure simply by being isolated from IT networks. research report

The Stuxnet attacks demonstrated that USB memory sticks give attackers a convenient workaround for that lack of connectivity. The other critical market issue is that IT and Operations groups at utilities must collaborate effectively. Pike Research has observed that often IT and Operations do not understand each other, nor in many cases do they trust one another. This is a cultural barrier to success for a Smart Grid deployment.

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