Thursday, April 12, 2012

World GPS Market

The commercial uses of Global Positioning System (GPS) are diverse with applications across various industries. Some applications are simple, such as determining a position, whereas others are complex blends of GPS with communications and other technologies. The rapid growth of commercial applications in recent years has surprised many industry observers and firms building GPS satellites and equipment. The differing needs of commercial and civil GPS users and the availability of alternative solutions for meeting them have led to a highly diverse and competitive market for GPS technologies, equipment, and services.

The market for commercial uses of GPS can be segmented by the differing needs of customers for time and spatial information. Initially, one of the original purposes of GPS was to improve en route navigation for military ships and aircraft. market research

However, there are dozens of uses of GPS today, with new applications being reported each month in academic, business, and public media. Adoption of GPS in aviation, maritime and waterways, highway and construction, public transportation, railroads, communications, emergency response (e.g., ambulance and fire), surveying, weather, scientific, space, environmental protection, recreation (e.g., sports events), law enforcement and legal services, and agriculture and forestry have created a wide opportunity to the GPS market.

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